Not an Oncoming Train

Oh, Internets. Such a day today has been, and because this site is brand new (HI! Welcome!), I haven’t even got context to point you to, so grab a cup of something good and let me give you the sum-up Inigo-Montoya version.

KeyBack in the summer of 2009, Tom and I realized a dream we thought might never be ours, when we were able to purchase a home of our own for the first time. We’d always been renting, always frustrated at not being able to put our own stamp on places we lived, arrange things the way we felt they should go, etc. (nevermind the minor bit about paying somebody else’s equity gains) So through a series of minor miracles, we were able to get our affairs in order and to qualify to purchase our own home. It was a big deal.

Things were pretty awesome there for a bit…until around 2011, when we experienced a long unemployment that went on for many more months than our tiny savings could sustain. Our miracle was about to come apart at the seams, and we began to think we were going to lose our home.

Because we are blessed to have family and friends that love and support us more than we ever would have thought possible, we just barely managed to stay afloat, and out of foreclosure.

Once the employment situation finally stabilized, we entered the long, painful, arduous process of restructuring our mortgage. The restructure has taken nearly two years, and for much of that time we had no idea whether or not we’d be approved for it.

Today, though, we came out the other side of that dark cloud we’ve been under for the last two years and more. The restructure is complete as of today, and we are once again tucked up snug in our happy little miracle home. No more spectres of foreclosure or homelessness. No more sleepless nights.

We are more grateful than we can possibly express.

We have adopted a few lines from the movie Shakespeare in Love as a kind of family motto, because it really has been true for us:


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