Not an Oncoming Train

Oh, Internets. Such a day today has been, and because this site is brand new (HI! Welcome!), I haven’t even got context to point you to, so grab a cup of something good and let me give you the sum-up Inigo-Montoya version.

our daughter wearing butterfly deely-bobbers on her head, and a pink tee with clovers across the front

But Mostly…Stay Classy

Why is it that meatloaf is the only meal at which plate denizens are allowed to Cross The Streams? Potatoes meet corn meet meatloaf and all harmonize with joy, but…

Tom pouring a dark, stout-like beer, sitting at a wire-mesh iron table in courtyard of restaurant in Staunton, VA

And Thanks for Stopping By

I know, I know. More placeholders. But aren’t you glad it isn’t more of that Latin filler stuff? Stupid Latin. ~kick~

Our daughter, Miss Plum, photobombs Liz's selfie from over Liz's shoulder

You Stay Classy, PLANET EARTH.

In which there is construction, tweaking, fiddling around, faffing about, and some general chaos. Just the way we like it! Stay tuned, y’all – Chez Cadorette is coming! (I know. Be…